konference.jpg Enhance substitution and support better chemicals risk management
Procurement.jpg Beginners guide to green procurement for enterprises - a tool for the better management of hazardous substances
life-fit-reach-leaflet.png LIFE Fit for REACH introduction leaflet pdf.
leaflet.png LIFE Fit for REACH project leaflet pdf.
fit_for_reach_galimybe-verslui.png LIFE Fit for REACH project leaflet national versions: LV; LT, EE
Maisijumu sintezetajiem.jpg Specialized information sheet "Substitution for the mixture formulators": LV
kas-mina-pean-asendama.JPG Information sheet "Do you need to substitute": EE; LV
Snapshot fro international seminar.jpg

Snapshot: Enforcement of and support action on REACH at Member State level

Summary of discussions from the Seminar on enforcement practices with regard to the REACH Regulation